Open letter to "D"

Life is tiresome. Let's go back to when we were seven years old, sitting on that old rusty school bus. When you tapped me on my shoulder and asked me, 'Are you really from Nepal?!" & that was the first time I ever talked to you; you were my next-door neighbor. We would often do our avatar screeches to call one another. When we used to play ball together, it used to be fun. I miss the dog that both of us were scared of touching. I missed when you got picky about your blue raspberry candy or when you used to dress up for your birthday. Let's go back to when we were seven. And please, please let's stay there too. Let's stay there, so I don't have to feel what I felt when I left India, what I felt as I grew older here. Let's stay there so I wouldn't have to find new friends who eventually left me. Let's stay there. Let's stay there because I miss the school we used to go to together....please, let's go back to when we were seven.....when life was good when sadness didn't exist at all when the only drama was we both making funny faces at each other when we found out where we hid while playing hide & seek. When I still felt alive.

 But I'm just barely here now that you're gone. I don't want to be here; it's all sad & gloomy. I owe my life to you. I think of you these days more than I used to; I dig up my memories with you/about you... How we used to go to school together, how we used to stay together on the bus and how we used to drink from each other's bottles...I missed the time when both of us were kids, and our imagination was big enough for us to wander around and feel that whole universe at the tips of our tiny, tiny fingers...I don't even remember your name anymore; how dumb of a friend I'm, and I don't think I crossed your mind cause I was just a kid, another neighbor, another friend...But I hope you are doing alright wherever you are. However, you are...I do remember that even your name started with a "D," so D. I hope you are happy out there...


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