Monotony of life

Does anybody feel that life isn't really for them? That you're tired of it all. Some people wake up, and they go to work, and they wait in traffic, and they pay their bills, and they care about the opinion of others, and they come home to sleep in the same bed they've been sleeping since a decade or so... Do you ever feel like you're above all it all? The layers of bullshit in everyday life. Cause you know for a fact that people will let you down. The fact that everyone you've ever known will die. The vanity of existence, the lack of true meaning, and compensating for it by setting goals for yourself to keep busy is no different than the donkey that goes after the carrot on the stick. 

Yeah, people will disregard those thoughts. They'll say you're "depressed ."They'll say meaning is in the little things. They'll try and help you with inhibitors, counseling, and hollow advice. They'll cut you out 'cause "wow, that negative energy is too much, man" only because they don't want to face the truth themselves, hiding behind their "LIVE, LOVE, WHATEVER" posters and their stupid "meaningful" mottos they have on their mugs or inked on their forearms. Sure, there are pretty things around to witness and feel. And every day is a gift. But does it have to be the same pair of socks every day?

It's been seven days of the same dumbfuck cycle for me, wake up at 9 am, quickly brush my teeth and eat a meal with the family...think about stuff till ten and then attend a wack-ass useless online class and as soon as it's over go to sleep and wake up around 2 pm eat lunch with family, do dishes and go back to the room and overcompensate about life while listening to Ciggerates After Sex...Then again, go to the roof around 5 pm or so, light some candles, incense whatever's around, and stay put the whole listening to symphonic rock while looking above the sky and watching the clouds move, then get back down and socialize with family too it's time for dinner... And after dinner, listen to more music and think and think and think a lot while some random Music plays in the background till it's past 2 am and then finally fall asleep around 3 am... And then again wake up at 9 am and continue the same cycle again and again and again... Nothing changes, everything is the same, same bed, same music, same sun, same class... Will this cycle ever end ?! 


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