Living with anxiety

I have had anxiety on and off for over a year, and it stems back to a time in the services, but you can control it to some degree. The subconscious part of the brain sends these nasty little messages down a one-way street to our conscious part of the brain, where these little triggers turn into reality. Still, we cannot tell it to stop because it's a one-way street unless you learn to mentally tell it to "go take a hike" and then concentrate on something else. The more you think about the symptoms, the more you open up that one-way street. Anxiety feeds from anxiety; the more you let it take control, the more it will,

It eventually got better as I got used to it. However, when I'm stressed, my mind and body still escape to "the other side," and I feel like I disconnect from the real world, and everything is just so surreal, and I lose connection to myself. It's annoying, but the longer you have to deal with things like that, the more you realize it's just silly tricks your brain plays on you, and you learn to deal with it and kind of control it. I guess it's mostly remembering that it will pass and that you are still your sane self under that layer of anxiety-related shit. And, of course, doing all the work to gain emotional stability and manage your stress. I feel as if overcoming anxiety is changing your relationship with it. Therapy has made me understand anxiety and change my relationship and response to it.


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