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Rani Pokhari and Cranes !

My father tells me often that it is not always necessary to post some articles in blog. He has told me that we can also post our artworks, photos and videos. So, this time I am posting two of my hand paintings. These paintings are drawn and painted by myself. This is Rani Pokhari, the famous pond of Kathmandu. and this is: Cranes, fishing in pond. Can you see something in the crane beak ?

Jai Shree Krishna !

Today is Krishna Asthami. Krishna Asthami means birthday of Lord Krishna. Today we worship Lord Krishna. Some people also take fast today. It is also festival oh Hindus. To remember Lord Krishna, we celebrate his birthday in Nepal. Lord Krishna is son of Bashudev and Yashoda. Devaki gave birth to Lord Krishna and Yashodha raised him. Balram was brother of Krishna. Krishna was very naughty when he was child and he use to steal Makhhan (butter) from his neighbors. He loves to play flute. One of his best friend was Radha. Lord Krishna’s nick name was Kana and Kanaiyahn. His favorite weapon was Sudarshan Chakra. At last I want to say to all to celebrate Krishna Asthami happily and HAPPY KRISHNA ASTHAMI !!!

Earth !

Earth is a planet; it is suitable for human being, animals and plants. It is round in shape. We should save the soil which we find on earth. It has north and South Pole. It is a part of solar system. We should also save water of earth. We should not do pollution on earth. We should save all resources on earth. We are also a part of earth. We should plant plants and trees to make more greenly and beautiful environment on earth. Earth is our motherland.

Importance of Education in Child Life.

Education is important in child life to complete their aim. To do business when they grow older. We can learn new things from education. With the help of education we can make medicine. Our parents are doctor, engineer, businessman etc. because of the education. Scientists make many things by the help of education. A man is perfect only from the help of education. Education give us light. Education tell us in which road we should go. Education tells us right and wrong. So education is important in child life.

My First Day of Class 5 !

On Thursday morning on 19/4/2012, I woke up at 6 O'clock. I put on my school uniform at 7:05 and took my breakfast at 7:55. I was waiting for the bus at 8:10 and arrived at school at 8:35. When I was at school I met my big brother and friends after a long time. I played and talked with them. After some time assembly started and I go to class. My friends were making noise I had silence and wrote a post for my blog. It was the first day of class 5 so there were no lessons. Mam came and told us to dance, sing, and tell jokes and stories. One new mam came and introduced herself. She asked all of our names and she told us to play something. We played Hangman and the bell rang and mam went. Next, Yoga sir came and gave a lecture on yoga. It was fun the whole day, we played and go home.

Mother !

Mother is a woman who gives child birth. Mother is also called Aama , Maata , Mom etc. Mother is a member of family and wife of father. When I was small, I played in my mother’s lap, I sit in my mother’s lap, I slept in mother’s lap. Mother feels very hard to give birth to a child. Every mother give birth to child. I love my mother very much. ( Pic source ) Happy New Year !!!