Peter was my first love.


It took us about three weeks to entirely fall for one another. We were practically still kids back then, but for what it was worth, we found each other at a place and time when we needed each other the most. We spent the following year and a half going out on cute little dates, buying flowers, and flooding each other's phones with sweet and corny texts. It was the most fantastic period of my life cause everything I did with him was wonderfully flustering and endearing. He simply felt like serendipity to me.

But all I can afford to say now is, It was incredible both falling in and falling out of love with Peter.

So this goes out to Peter and me

You came along and swept all the woe away with your tender touch

For you held me against your chest and made me feel I was enough

I felt like a kid, wrapped up around your arms, learning how to walk and talk

Your patience felt mellifluous while I simply laid there inert like a lifeless clock

We both were lost in the labyrinth of our own melancholy and agony

But only I screamed out loud while you buried yours away with such sanity

Even on the bluest days, your pretty eyes reflected all the good things that you saw in me

While all I could mirror was the daunting symphony of the endless misery to thee

Friday nights, dinner dates, and dead roses are the only reminders of you I have with me now

I'm sorry we were ephemeral, but even today, I look back at your arcane kindness as a gift to me somehow

Long walks these days are a constant reminder of what you and I could have become

But all I can do right now is thank you for being the absolute best to me when I couldn't do the same


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