August 8 /2022


Life's uncertainty always baffles me. Last week I had a deeply traumatic experience that I'm still trying to work on. It's funny how the human psyche works cause in my mind, and I'm still trying to comprehend many ways I could have avoided the situation. On the other hand, my perpetrator is probably sunbathing while sipping a cup of tea.

Here is a poem that I have been working on ever since then : 

(Trigger Warnings:  mentions of sexual assault & violence)

Do you carry any shame and guilt for all the horrible things you did to me?
Or will I have to carry the burden of being touched by you for the rest of my life?
Do you still see people with the same filthy eyes of yours as you did towards me?
Or am I the only one struggling to get your perception of me off my body?

Were those screams not enough for you to understand I have had enough?
Or did you find immense joy in stripping clothes off of my body which I loved for so long
Do you wonder how I must have felt when you touched me with your dirty hands?
Or did my body satisfy you sufficiently that you didn't care enough to comprehend the consequences of injustice you did towards me?

Did it feel euphoric when I was struggling in front of you, and all you do is pin them down?
Or do you always like having it your own way and making people beg for your sympathy?
Are you afraid of men, men like you who violently touch women to fulfil their fantasies?
Or do you not care enough about people, people like me whose body still reeks due to men like you?


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