भगवानलाई घुस खुवाको कथा

Amidst our clash of differing beliefs, I a highly religious person and Tike who’s an agnostic made our way to the Bhagwati Mandir which resides equidistance to our homes, there was a shared understanding between us, even perhaps a shared glimmer of hope that we might find answers from the divinity for our impending exams cause after all Bhagwati is known to grant wishes to those who gracefully pray to her. As we stepped inside the two tired square panned pagoda-style temple the morning sun which had just gotten up hit our faces, and right at that moment I felt as if I had found the yin to my yang cause they were everything I could never be and both of us bowing our heads down and clasping our hands to the Gadurbahini Bhagwati was a testament to the beauty of our differences. Right after we offered our silent prayers, Tike murmured “fuck I want a cigarette” a mantra that had become as routine as our morning rituals. The irony of seeking solace in nicotine amidst the temple's sanctity wasn't lost on us, but it was a craving we’d grown accustomed to, an addiction that bound us together in our shared struggles.

Sitting in the cafe afterwards, the weight of our exams still lingering in the air, we found comfort in the familiarity of shared (Hadigauley) rituals. Lighting our cigarettes, we exchanged glances filled with unspoken understanding, acknowledging that our reasons for being there were as diverse as the paths we had chosen in life.  It wasn't about the smoke that curled lazily into the air or the nicotine coursing through our veins; it was about the bond forged in the countless amounts of time we passed our Arctic Burst or sipped each other's कालो चिया while simply sitting across each other. It was about the silences that we shared while we talked about all the uncomfortable things that we had been through, reiterating all of these things makes me see how we’ve grown not just closer but into better versions of ourselves.

Sure, we were still grappling with our addiction, still bargaining within ourselves after each puff we’d inhaled. But for now, in the afterglow of our temple visit, I found peace in knowing that I wasn't alone in this journey, I was on a rooftop sharing 5 Ruppee तितौरा कुल्फी and Choco Fun with TIku under the blanket of stars. Together, Tiku and I navigated the highs and lows of life, celebrating the small victories and weathering the storms that inevitably came our way while eating Lumbini Tandoori's naan every time we could.


So, as the smoke perished in the air, carried away on the gentle breeze, I made a silent vow to cherish these moments, to hold them close to my heart as a reminder of the bonds that bound us together and to hug Tiku every time we separated from our hangouts. For in the end, it wasn't the cigarettes or the exams or even our morning ritual to pray to Shovagaya Bhagwati that defined us, but the moments we shared, the memories we forged, and the friendships that endured against all odds.


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