Jai Shree Krishna !

Lord KrishnaToday is Krishna Asthami. Krishna Asthami means birthday of Lord Krishna. Today we worship Lord Krishna. Some people also take fast today. It is also festival oh Hindus. To remember Lord Krishna, we celebrate his birthday in Nepal.

Lord Krishna is son of Bashudev and Yashoda. Devaki gave birth to Lord Krishna and Yashodha raised him. Balram was brother of Krishna.

Krishna was very naughty when he was child and he use to steal Makhhan (butter) from his neighbors. He loves to play flute. One of his best friend was Radha.

Lord Krishna’s nick name was Kana and Kanaiyahn. His favorite weapon was Sudarshan Chakra.

At last I want to say to all to celebrate Krishna Asthami happily and



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